Yorkshire Dales April 2008
Aug 22, 2008Public
Photo: TIM_2801 Matt all prepared for the dales despite sampling the whisky the evening before.
Photo: TIM_2802 A pisspot of students? Iza and Holly trying to decide how many pubs they can visit.
Photo: TIM_2803 Colin and Izzy
Photo: CIMG1164 One of Sara's photos of the way up
Photo: TIM_2805 My version of the way up.
Photo: CIMG1172 Sara's view of me part way up with too much energy still - that didn't last.
Photo: TIM_2809 A close up of the brook on the way up
Photo: TIM_2817 Antonio conquering the hills. Or is that a case of "he'll be wearing..."
Photo: TIM_2820 Laura posing
Photo: TIM_2823 A plethora of dizzys?!
Photo: TIM_2824 Gordon with the wind blown look.
Photo: TIM_2826 Are we there yet?
Photo: TIM_2830 Sara watching where she's putting her feet - too much sheep shit up there you see.
Photo: TIM_2831 A slightly dark Heather negotiating the path.
Photo: TIM_2833 Still going up.
Photo: TIM_2834 Sue refusing to go any further until someone brings her a pint. She didn't specify what of unfortunately.
Photo: TIM_2838 I was sure we were there...or was that the revenge of Laura's whisky?
Photo: TIM_2840 Trying to make the Dales look interesting. Clearly I have a long way to go to get these shorts of shots looking good.
Photo: TIM_2844 Coming over the brow.
Photo: TIM_2848 Helen expressing her opinion of me taking photos of her. Good job the wind didn't change.
Photo: TIM_2850 Ruth trying to look normal.
Photo: TIM_2852 Snow on the top, which was significantly less after our snowball fight.
Photo: TIM_2855 Leaving me behind.
Photo: TIM_2859 Ooo that's steep.