A Dutch Trip
Nov 8, 2007Public
Photo: DSCF4325 - Babs and cat
Photo: DSCF4327 - One of Babs' friend's sprogs, who was fascinated with me and decided to teach me Dutch...
Photo: DSCF4329 - Another sprog who was easier to hide from :-)
Photo: DSCF4331 - Babs' friend plus sprog...
Photo: DSCF4332 - Wade and Daniel in a bar in Utrecht
Photo: DSCF4333 - Babs plus one of Wade's and Daniel's friends. I think he was German, but hey...
Photo: DSCF4334 - Blind Bill and Wade
Photo: DSCF4337 - Kees - pronouced Case apparently...on a dyke.
Photo: DSCF4340 - A windmill, well it was the Netherlands!
Photo: DSCF4342 - The van Rotterdam massive, or perhaps shower/ From left, Kees, Bart, Emma and Sylvia.
Photo: DSCF4346 - The construction was interesting, but I'm not sure it's clear at this resolution.
Photo: DSCF4350 - Some town south of or close to Geldermalston (sp)
Photo: DSCF4353 - Yet another steeple cum tower
Photo: DSCF4354 - This was in the aforementioned town, I can't recall if it's the town hall.
Photo: DSCF4355 - the town wall overlooking the river/canal.
Photo: DSCF4357 - A town gate.
Photo: DSCF4358 - Sylvia and Kees
Photo: DSCF4364 - One of the Nepenthes pitcher plants in Leiden Hortus.
Photo: DSCF4365 - Another Nepethes, very dwarf.
Photo: DSCF4366 - a Coelogyne I believe
Photo: DSCF4368 - This Nepenthes was gorgeous, but I'm unsure whether it was a selection
Photo: DSCF4370 - A Hoya I believe
Photo: DSCF4373 - Another Hoya I believe, albeit out of focus, one of the problems with a compact - as you can see with the pitcher plant above, the focus is too deep or not deep/precise enough - then again I rather like the effect with the pitcher.
Photo: DSCF4376 - An Acer in the gardens, the colour was superb