Rugby In Cardiff followed by a wander up Pen-y-Fan
Nov 8, 2007Public
Photo: DSCF4429 - Warming up (yes it was cold!) Derek and Helen
Photo: DSCF4430 - Derek's son (Jo?), Hels and Derek.
Photo: DSCF4431 - The same three...
Photo: DSCF4443 - Well we sounded good
Photo: DSCF4444 - Unfortunately I didn't get the bull or the goat one of which was in this top right corner.
Photo: DSCF4448 - Oh dear
Photo: DSCF4453 - only in Cardiff...shame about the flash on this, nothing I tried worked and I was too drunk to hold the camera steady without the flash by that point.
Photo: DSCF4456 — Jen and Azz! Nice bra Jen!
Photo: DSCF4457 — Helen and Julia
Photo: DSCF4458 — Some random kiwi!
Photo: DSCF4460 — Jen and Azz
Photo: DSCF4461 — Yes well...
Photo: DSCF4465 — Yes she was sober, but was I?? Laura, up close and...
Photo: DSCF4466 — Well I think the hats make it! Helen, Julia and Laura and two of those were stone cold!
Photo: DSCF4467 — Oh dear! No more need be said except that this was outside the Pen and Wig at some ungodly hour
Photo: DSCF4468 — Julia on the tourist path up Pen y Fan
Photo: DSCF4469 — Steffan on the tourist path up Pen y Fan
Photo: DSCF4470 — Steffan and Ronja on the tourist path up Pen y Fan
Photo: DSCF4477 The view down through the cloud
Photo: DSCF4482 Ronja, Julia and Steffan on the top
Photo: DSCF4484 - As above but closer
Photo: DSCF4485 - Look this way Ronja!
Photo: DSCF4487 - On the way down, Ronja taking it easy.
Photo: DSCF4488 - compare these to the views from here earlier in the year!