Frinton Festival 2017
Jun 13, 2017Limited, anyone with the link
Photo: Lots of tea and lots of cakes at a Festival planning meeting at the Homestead, December 2016
Photo: Rehearsing Noah Max's Sojourn in Queen's Park, March 2017
Photo: Gut Feeling rehearsing in the Homestead, 7th May
Photo: Gut Feeling debut at Kirby's Red Lion Pub, 7th May
Photo: Gut Feeling visiting Read House, 8th May
Photo: Gut Feeling entertaining Mid-Meadows residents, 8th May
Photo: Sophie, Lizzie and Robert working with Hugo on his new composition
Photo: Sophie, Adam and Robert working with Noah on his new composition
Photo: Barbican Piano Trio plus Adam hard at work in Bow
Photo: Packing the Frinton Festival into the back of the car
Photo: Ilze rehearsing the Festival Choir on Thursday 25th May
Photo: Duncan takes over the baton
Photo: Brian preparing the sponsors' buffet party
Photo: Wendy's cheesecakes and hazelnut meringue cakes
Photo: Tea and cake before the opening concert
Photo: Kevin and Bev ready to check tickets at St. Mary's
Photo: Let the tasting begin...thanks Mr.Wheeler!