Aug 12, 2007Public
Photo: Murder of Crows. watercolor. 24"x30"
Photo: Baume 1. watercolor. 24"x30"
Photo: As the Crow Flies. watercolor. 18"x24"
Photo: Rock On. watercolor. 24"x30"
Photo: Conversation in a Sycamore Tree.  watercolor.  18"x24"
Photo: Crow's Nest.
watercolor.  5x7
Photo: Steppin' Out Crow.
watercolor. 5x7
Photo: Old Crow.  watercolor.  5x7
Photo: Swiss Crow.  watercolor.  5x7
Photo: The Sleeping Giant 24" x 48"
Photo: The Forest for the Trees.  watercolor.  8"x10"
Photo: Sharon's Begonia.  watercolor.  8"x8"
Photo: cataloochee valley.   watercolor.  3x5
Photo: Renate's Begonia.  watercolor.  4x6
Photo: Porches of Citico Street . watercolor . 16x20
Photo: Gracie and Friends . watercolor . 24x36
Photo: Buford.  watercolor.  5x7
Photo: Porches of Ft Sanders Late Afternoon. watercolor. 24x36
Photo: St. Oliver Hotel, Knoxville.  watercolor.  8"x10"
Photo: Adelgid - Death and Rebirth.  acrylic.  24x30
Photo: Pansies for Ruby . watercolor . 8x10
Photo: Cheers . watercolor . 18x24
Photo: Knoxville--The City With Balls . acrylic . 36x48
Photo: Knox Rocks . acrylic . 24x36