Sahara-Roots activities up to 2013
Mar 19, 2013Limited, anyone with the link
Photo: Surviving trees planted at Sidi khalil. October 2010.
Photo: 1st palmtree planted in April 2012
Photo: Bivouac Le Petit Prince, area where we work.
Photo: Hebly family of Sahara-Roots Foundation, May 2008
Photo: Groasis Waterboxx comes to M'hamid in October 2010
Photo: Hanneke and Ima plant tamarisk grafts
Photo: Ima bakal helping with cleaning activities on Earth Day April 2012
Photo: Wanda Hebly of Sahara-Roots
Photo: Blowing bubbles with children during first activities of Sahara Roots, March 2008
Photo: Booklet " Me and My Sahara"
Photo: Checking if water well works, Nov 2012
Photo: Cleaning activities with school children in Ouarzazate on Earth day 2012
Photo: Colours of the Sahara
Photo: Cooking in desert.
Photo: Slow cooking in the desert.
Photo: Desertfication signs in Sidi khalil
Photo: desertfication in village Oulad Mhia
Photo: Desert creeps into the village and takes over.
Photo: Educational activities with Ima , hanneke and children of the Sahara
Photo: Educational activities with Ima, Hanneke and children of the Sahara.
Photo: Educational activities with Wanda and children
Photo: flowering desert