Groasis Waterboxx's 2011
Jan 7, 2012Limited, anyone with the link
Photo: Tamarisk grafts planted in Groasis Waterboxx's in November 2010 on a new site did not survive due to lack of water supply.
Photo: Groasis Waterboxx's replanted close to Bivouac Le Petit Prince show a very promising sight as the tamarisk grafts grow. March 2011
Photo: Tamarisk grafts grow steadily. March 2011
Photo: July and August bring sandstorms to M'hamid and the walking sand dunes cover our young trees and waterboxx's.
Photo: While checking the Groasis Waterboxx's planted in October 2011, we discovered a waterboxx in one of the sand dunes close to the bivouac. November 2011.
Photo: Adriaan digs out the waterboxx that we found. 
Although slightly damaged, we reused it for the planting of grafts. November 2011.
Photo: Filled with sand there where no surviving grafts.
Photo: Arriving in Bivouac Le petit Prince we found the Groasis waterboxxes, which had been engulfed by the sand dunes, stacked against the wall. Luckily they were not damaged and were ready to be reused.
Photo: Cora van Vliet, of Essence College in the Netherlands, helps to replant the Groasis Waterboxx's with new tamarisk grafts. October 2011.
Photo: The ground is moist due to the rare occasion of a rain pour in the Sahara! A very good start for the newly planted grafts.
Photo: The survivng tamarisk grafts planted in Groasis Waterboxx's in November 2010! These young trees had managed to escape the wrath of the walking sand dunes!
Photo: This photo gives a good impression of tamarisk grafts, now 1 year, planted in the Groasis waterboxx.