Treeplanting Project 2011
Jan 7, 2012Limited, anyone with the link
Photo: Sand is slowly taking over the village of Oulad Mhia, M'hamid in Morrocco
Photo: Abdul and Faisal have the tamarisk grafts ready for planting together with the "Geboorte College" goup from Essence College in the Netherlands.
Photo: Planting together with Cora van Vliet, Jan de Graaf and Geboorte College in March 2011. In the background are surviving tamarisk that we planten in February 2009.
Photo: With 52 grafts planted we were all very hopeful.
Photo: The "Green wall" of the "Essence Bosje" is starting to do it's work in keeping the sand a way from the village.
Photo: Back at bivouac Le Petit Prince, we see that the tamarisk grafts are sprouting green shoots in their incubators: the Groasis Waterboxx's. March 2011.
Photo: In March we received promising photos of the Groasis Waterboxx's that we placed between October and November 2010, with their sprouting tamarisks.
Photo: In October 2011 together with Abdul we checked the 52 grafts that we had planted in March 2011. Unfortunately only 4 had survived the long hot summer.
Photo: The grafts that had survived had done well!
Photo: With Kasbah Sidi Khalil in the background Cora van Vliet and I continued to research the results of the past years.
Photo: Back at Bivouac Le Petit Prince Cora and I carefully replanted the Groasis waterboxx's with new grafts. Oktober 2011
Photo: Acasia, and tamarisk grafts were replanted in the vicinity of Le Petit Prince, both in the traditional way as well as with the use on the Groasis Waterboxx's.
Photo: A very rare sight, pouring rain in the Sahara.
A good start for our newly planted trees! October 2011.
Photo: Tamarisk grafts that survived the long hot summer. Oktober 2011.
Photo: Surviving Tamarisk grafts that had their incubatores, the Groasis waterboxx, removed after 1 year. Oktober 2011
Photo: Wanda checking and counting the surviving trees of our treeplanting project in Sidi Khalil.
Photo: Adriaan sees our treeplanting project for the first time and is amazed by the hight of some ot the trees. 4 meters high!
Photo: Here you can see the basket, which was used to protect the newly planted trees, after the first Taragalte festival in 2009
Photo: Tamarisk grafts planted, in the traditional way, sprout after 2 months! They receive recycled water from the bivouac.
Photo: A clear picture of a healthy tamarisk graft sprouting. November 2011.
Photo: Together with Khaira Arby from Mali and her manager Cris Nolan, we place tamarisk gratfs in Groasis waterboxx's after the 3rd Taragalte festival in November 2011.
Photo: Together with other artists such as Jan Wouter Oostenrijk from the Netherlands as well as many vivitors, we planted more Tamarisk grafts. 
For many an emotional happening at the end of the Taragalte Festival. 
The colourful water bidons were made by the local women as part of the Taragalte Concept project for women.