Elahuizen en Oudega plant tamarisk in Sahara, nov 2010
Feb 15, 2011Limited, anyone with the link
Photo: Sowing seeds for the future
Photo: Tineke works on Groasis waterboxx while being read to.
Photo: Tineke and Lahcen work on Groasis waterboxx
Photo: Labels with names of children donating trees
Photo: The newly repared waterpump works!
Photo: A very happy Wanda!
Photo: Preparing grafts of tamarisk
Photo: Planting the tamarisk grafts the traditional way
Photo: 150 holes are dug for the planting of 150 prepared tamarisk grafts
Photo: Children of Zaouia village help with tree planting
Photo: Tineke explains importance of tamarisk trees
Photo: Each label is attached to graft of tamarisk
Photo: Happy faces of young local children
Photo: Zaila and Sahara Roots experiment with Groasis Waterboxx
Photo: Explaining how the Groasis waterboxx works to the local people
Photo: The locals understood the working of the waterboxx very quickly!
Photo: Making sure the Groasis waterboxx is secured tightly in the ground.
Photo: While the sun is setting we continue to work hard in placing the second load of Groasis Waterboxx's