Taragalte Festival November 2011
Jan 6, 2012Limited, anyone with the link
Photo: Bivouac Le Petit Prince and Taragalte Festival site in background
Photo: Ibrahim Sbai on his way to the Taragalte Festival site
Photo: Halim Sbai together with officials during opening ceremony
Photo: Local musicians preform during opening of Taragalte Festival 2011
Photo: Sahara Roots presentation during Taragalte Festival 2011
Photo: Wanda of Sahara Roots recieves officials during opening ceremony.
Photo: Wanda explains treeplanting projects of Sahara Roots  and L'Association Zaila of M'hamid.
Photo: Groasis waterboxx is now used for tree-and vegetable planting in M'hamid. Wanda explains how it works.
Photo: Camels and their riders at Taragalte Festival site
Photo: Local children recognise friends on the Sahara-Roots tree planting poster.
Photo: The Sahara-Roots flyers are very popular!
Photo: Halim explains the way of life in the oasis of M'hamid to visitors of Taragalte Festival.
Photo: The sands are slowly creeping into the oasis and engulfing the palmtrees.
Photo: Dates are ripe and ready to pick.
Photo: A local man shows how the dates are picked.
Photo: Not only date picking but palm leaves as well. These are used for roofing, fencing etc.
Photo: Where water is plentiful the tamarisk grows as Halim shows us .
Photo: The desert melon was a sweet surprise!
Photo: Local musicians preform in Oulad Mhia.
Photo: Halim explains the importance of our treeplanting project in Sisi Khalil to visitors and musicians of Taragalte festival.
Photo: Local mucisians preform at Sidi Khalil.
Photo: Sunrise over the sand dunes at Bivouac Le Petit Prince in M'hamid.
Photo: Camels patiently wait for their riders.