Treeplanting research May 2010
Feb 15, 2011Limited, anyone with the link
Photo: Richard of Sahara Roots counts the trees that have survived the first 2 years
Photo: The local people have also planted corn between the tamarisk
Photo: Some of the planted tamarisk have become quite big within 1 year.
Photo: The start of a "Green Wall" close to the village Oulad Mhia, M'hamid
Photo: The nebka or cone of the tamarisk has started to form
Photo: These three tamarisk are still surviving
Photo: Because of the use of a irrigation channel dug by the locals these tamarisk are surviving well.
Photo: Eventually these tamarisk will becone as large as the large one on the left of the foto.
Photo: Many other plants now have a chance to grow and hold the sand down.
Photo: Cars have done damage to our precious plants!!
No cars allowed in this area!!
Photo: Through this drain we hope that the rains will once again bring water to the trees.