Jungfrau Trek - 3
Dec 10, 2012Public
Photo: The next day, before dawn, a full moon shines through our bedroom window.
Photo: Altitude here is 1775 meters, or 5823 ft.
Photo: low clouds hover over glacial waterfalls and pools
Photo: After breakfast, we head back down the trail.
Photo: Goodbye Berghaus Baregg ...
Photo: ... we're on to our next adventure.
Photo: At the valley bottom, an awesome canyon ...
Photo: ... complete with bungee-jumping platform.
Photo: Luckily, there's a bridge.
Photo: The twisted remnants of an earlier bridge destroyed by high water??
Photo: Don't forget to look up once in a while!
Photo: Over the bridge, we enter forest.
Photo: Then a long steep climb up the other side of the canyon.
Photo: The canyon wall seems covered with "desert varnish" similar to that seen in Utah and Arizona.
Photo: At one spot there's a ladder.
Photo: Looking back, fine views of the Wetterhorn (12,132 ft.) ...
Photo: ... and the Schreckhorn (13,379 ft.)
Photo: We come to an ominous-looking snow bridge
Photo: Go, Marcia, go.
Photo: We are now on the lower parts of the Eiger.
Photo: These hikers are coming down the Eiger Trail, which traverses the base of that mountain's famous wall.