Lake District trek days 3-4
Aug 30, 2015Public
Photo: On day 3 we retrace in reverse part of yesterday's walk around the lake.
Photo: The reflections are ...
Photo: ... jaw-dropping.
Photo: Someone's summer cottage, perfectly inverted.
Photo: The easy part over, we start our climb to Scarth Gap.
Photo: We see numerous other hikers (modestly called "walkers" in England).
Photo: Cairns mark the way where the trail is obscure
Photo: Not far now  ...
Photo: We made it!
Photo: The other walkers continue up the ridge to climb Great Gable, the sixth highest mountain in England.
Photo: We alone descend the other side.
Photo: That's Ennerdale Valley.
Photo: Here we briefly join the famous Coast to Coast trail. Note Black Sail hut at left.
Photo: We've always heard that the C2C trail is challenging, but this is a road!
Photo: It leads to Black Sail, the most remote hostel in the UK.
Photo: C2C walkers typically reach Black Sail on their second day, to rest or have lunch.
Photo: YHA on the door stands for Youth Hostels Association
Photo: This sign greets anyone opening the front door.
Photo: You can make your cuppa in this spotless kitchen.
Photo: Outside, a memorial plaque.
Photo: From here on, the C2C trail becomes narrow and rocky--more like we pictured it.
Photo: Soon we branch off. 
The actual C2C is faintly visible crossing the drumlins below.
Photo: Today we cross two passes, Black Sail is the second.
Photo: This section of trail is unremittingly stony, as it is for much our trip.