Baja California, November 18-26
Dec 2, 2007Public
Photo: Let's start out with a bang! Susana England let me photograph some of her wonderful watercolors for the slide show. This is the first of four: turtle fossil cove, San Jose Island.
Photo: Fisherman Island
Photo: Fish seen while snorkeling
Photo: Las Animas (from the top of the rock)
Photo: OK, now on to the more mundane photos. Here's a view of La Paz harbor from the Don Jose, just before we start.
Photo: And we're off! The two skiffs trailed behind us for the whole trip. We used them to get ashore or to dive and snorkel sites.
Photo: The upper rear deck
Photo: The dining room
Photo: The bow
Photo: On our way to a snorkel site, we pass the peninsula that juts out into the Gulf east of La Paz.
Photo: Wow, there's a whale shark right off the stern!
Photo: Snorkelers from another boat close in on another - this one's a baby, not much bigger than the snorkelers.
Photo: There were at least 3 different sharks, maybe more. Although they appear to be just lazing along on the surface, we had to swim hard to keep up.
Photo: The next day we visit Los Islotes, a sea lion rookery.
Photo: It's a wonderful dive and snorkel site. Note the arch. Unfortunately, I didn't bring my underwater camera.
Photo: The sea around these rocks was swarming with millions of sardines. They were preyed on by sea birds, sea lions, and other fish, and ogled at by us.
Photo: Before we get in the water, Josie, our French Canadian divemaster/cruise director, gives a briefing.
Photo: Luis and Felix get the skiffs ready. This place was one of the highlights of the trip. The friendly sea lion pups would swim continually swam up to us, wanting to play.
Photo: This and the following underwater pictures were taken by Linda Takvorian who was on the Don Jose in October 2007. She posted her photos on Picasaweb, and since there's an option to download, I went ahead. Thanks Linda! Your email address wasn't given, so I couldn't contact you.
Photo: photo by Linda Takvorian. Linda's album can be found at