Fowey to Polperro
Nov 22, 2014Public
Photo: To reach Polperro we must cross to Polruan.
Photo: Goodbye, Fowey!
Photo: Passing Polruan coast watch station ...
Photo: (note the wipers on the windows)
Photo: ... we head east ...
Photo: ... toward Polperro.
Photo: It's a roller-coaster of a walk ...
Photo: known for its secluded beaches.
Photo: One features a waterfall.
Photo: The ups and downs ...
Photo: ... seem endless.
Photo: Scuba diving here might be interesting.
Photo: We level off a bit ...
Photo: ... before the final descent ...
Photo: ... to Polperro harbor.
Photo: How scenic can you get?
Photo: What a wonderful deep harbor!
Photo: What a charming village!
Photo: We fall in love with Polperro ...
Photo: Let's stay the night!