Tour de Mt Blanc 3
Jan 23, 2013Public
Photo: The next morning we explore the town.
Photo: It's smaller and less sophisticated than Chamonix. We like it!
Photo: Some sort of festival seems to be going on
Photo: "Tor des Geants" -- tour of the giants??
Photo: "Endurance Trail, 330 km" - It's a grueling multi-day race through the high Italian Alps. It ends in Courmayeur. The first runner is due in an hour or so!
Photo: Though it starts to rain, the crowd's enthusiasm is not dampened. The winner is a young Spaniard, who stays at our hotel in Room 9!
Photo: Runners will continue to arrive for the next 48 hours. We grow hungry and stop at a small bistro for lunch.
Photo: Marcia and I get big salads; Debbi gets a crepe.
Photo: The next day we take a taxi to the trailhead at Villair, saving ourselves a pointless hour's walk through town.
Photo: Today's trail just happens to be the final leg of the "Tor des Geants" race ...
Photo: ... marked by yellow TDG flags.
Photo: We climb rapidly.
Photo: After a last glimpse of Courmayeur ...
Photo: ... we arrive at a glorious viewpoint of knife-edged Aiguille Noir with Mt. Blanc in clouds behind.
Photo: Rifugio Bertone (6,525 ft.) occupies this choice spot. However, it appears to be closed.
Photo: We continue along the side of the Val Ferret toward Switzerland ...
Photo: ... leaving the Aiguille Noir behind.
Photo: Just visible in the extreme far distance, the pass into France that we crossed days ago.
Photo: Yikes, stand aside! Giants heading for Courmayeur ...
Photo: There they go!
Photo: When the clouds clear, Mt. Blanc looms above us.
Photo: more Giants!
Photo: Not far, now, to Rifugio Bonatti.