Cornwall walk - day 1
Jun 8, 2013Public
Photo: In Penzance and ready to go! We're headed to Porthcurno, 11 miles away. We'll pass through the towns of Newlyn and Mousehole before getting on the coastal path proper.
Photo: Harbor at Newlyn
Photo: What, no pirates?
Photo: Mousehole (pronounced "Muzzle")
Photo: On the trail at last
Photo: checking the map
Photo: Spring flowers are at their height
Photo: A "Cornish wall" is a stone wall with flowers and plants growing on top. This old wall ...
Photo: ... is now just a long, flower-covered mound
Photo: a Gray Seal "suns" itself on a rock
Photo: approaching Lamorna ...
Photo: ... scarcely large enough to be called a village
Photo: Lunchtime ... and spoils from an old tin mine
Photo: flowering gorse is abundant
Photo: We still have a way to go. Our destination is beyond that distant headland
Photo: occasional pockets of forest dot the open coastland
Photo: The Southwest Coast Path is a never-ending series of ups and downs