A walk in Provence, part 1
May 21, 2011Public
Photo: We start our Provence walk in the island town of Isle-sur-Sorgue, surrounded by the clear waters of the Sorgue river.
Photo: It was once a mill town, but today only a few weed-covered waterwheels remain.
Photo: We enjoy dinner right on the river.
Photo: The next day we taxi to the nearby village of Fontaine de Vaucluse to begin our walk.
Photo: It also lies on the River Sorgue ...
Photo: ... which springs entirely from a mysterious pool above the village.
Photo: The pool doesn't look like much, but no one (including Jacques Yves Cousteau) has ever been able to determine its depth.
Photo: Somehow, this entire river flows out of it.
Photo: At about noon we start on our walk.
Photo: We're headed to the "perched village" of Gordes, about 4.5 hours away.
Photo: We climb and climb, but seem to get nowhere.
Photo: Despite perfectly clear instructions, I and have stupidly led us up the wrong trail! (nice trail, though)
Photo: The great thing about these walks is: if it's late and we're tired, we can ...
Photo: ... simply take a taxi (here we pass the remarkable village of Gordes) ...
Photo: ... straight to our B & B, just beyond town!
Photo: Whew!
Photo: Not the most promising start ...
Photo: ... to our walking holiday.
Photo: But the next morning is lovely ...
Photo: ... and we happily hit the trail!
Photo: Our goal is the ancient Abbey of Senanque.
Photo: ... hidden somewhere in this dry, stony landscape.
Photo: After several hours ...
Photo: ... of pleasant walking ...