Lake District trek day 1
Aug 24, 2015Public
Photo: We start our trek in the lovely lakeside town of Keswick ("Kesick" to those in the know)
Photo: The lake is Derwent Water (this time the "w" is pronounced).
Photo: The view from our guest house room. The hills are called "fells."
Photo: On our first trekking day, the weather seems fine. But see the little sign 
by the door: is a"drying room" in our future?
Photo: Down at the lake a woman feeds ducks ...
Photo: ... and a boy bails boats.
Photo: We head across the lake on the "Walkers' Special" ferry ...
Photo: ... and up a narrow road.
Photo: Pastoral views abound.
Photo: The road becomes a track that passes through old mine tailings.
Nearby graphite mines made Keswick the world's pencil capital for a time.
Photo: The real trail branches off just past the mine.
Photo: Is this heather?
Photo: Yes and no, at left is heather, at right is heath.
Photo: Passing clouds create ever-moving streaks of sunlight ...
Photo: We enter a narrow valley ...
Photo: ... V-shaped would not be too strong a term.
Photo: These barren hills were once wooded. Only small remnants of the original forest remain.
Photo: At the pass, a marvelous view unfolds.
Photo: The fells create wonderful interlocking shapes.
Photo: Looking back, the trail we came on is faintly visible, 
especially below the gray scree of the penultimate fell.
Photo: We meet 2 "fell walkers" coming up.
Photo: Later we spot them climbing a ridge. 
Fell runners also exist, but we didn't meet any.
Photo: A mountain stream (hereabouts called a beck) runs down the next valley.
Photo: Its tributaries have carved gashes in the valley.