Haute Route 5 - Zinal to Gruben
Nov 6, 2010Public
Photo: Leaving Zinal, we climb steeply through the forest ...
Photo: ... closing all gates behind us.
Photo: Once out of the woods we hit boulders again ...
Photo: ... but soon the path levels out and remains easy for the rest of the day.
Photo: The guidebook calls this "one of the great walks of Switzerland" with stunning views of a "crowded mass of snow and ice giants." Sadly, we can't see anything.
Photo: But all is not lost ...
Photo: ... it's the best trail for plants we have encountered yet.
Photo: Our destination today is the mysterious Hotel Weisshorn.
Photo: It's absolutely in the middle of nowhere.
Photo: Why here? We see no ski lifts, no development of any kind.
Photo: Avez vouz des chambres?
Photo: We get rooms with no trouble, order lunch ...
Photo: ... then lounge around.
Photo: Not too bad for a mountain hut!
Photo: By the next morning the mist has thinned a bit.
Photo: We can even see a bit of blue sky.
Photo: We're heading over the Meidpass to the village of Gruben ...