Haute Route 3 - Champex to Prafleuri
Nov 1, 2010Public
Photo: The next morning we're up early to catch the bus to Le Chable. By so doing, we cut out an 8 mile valley hike that pretty much parallels the road. Stuart leaves us today to go to Lauterbrunnen. We will meet up with him again in Zermatt.
Photo: Champex must be directly under many airline routes--I have never seen so many con trails, and it's only 7 am!
Photo: The ride to Le Chable is pleasant enough ...
Photo: Upon arrival we refresh ourselves ...
Photo: ... then walk over to the cable-car station for a ride up to Verbier and Les Ruinettes.
Photo: This will save us a grueling 5300 ft. climb!
Photo: Good bye Le Chable!
Photo: Minutes later we arrive at Les Ruinettes (7195 ft / 2195 m). An hour's walk will bring us to our mountain hut, Cabane de Montfort.
Photo: Across the valley rises the impressive Grand Combin massif. Numerous glaciers tumble down its sides and several of its peaks exceed 13,000 ft.
Photo: This entire area is well-developed, with numerous gondolas, chairlifts, and whatnot. Cyclists take advantage ...
Photo: ... as do paragliders ...
Photo: ... and, of course, hikers. Road gives way to trail here, with views of the impressive Glacier de Corbassiere.
Photo: As we round the bend the Cabane du Montfort (8061 ft / 2457 m) comes into view, perched on a hill.
Photo: It's a gorgeous Sunday afternoon and this mountain hut is a popular destination for local day-trippers of all kinds.
Photo: They enjoy the walk, the views, and ...
Photo: ... the good food!
Photo: Debbi makes friends with a dog.
Photo: These Swiss kids might rather be playing Nintendo ...
Photo: ... or maybe paragliding.
Photo: Actually, that could be a lot of fun!
Photo: Our rooms are spotless and cozy. Love these Swiss mountain huts!
Photo: Yikes! The next morning we awake to partial white-out conditions and snow on the nearby mountains.