Alps to the Sea 2 - Sospel
Jun 22, 2014Public
Photo: Day 2: Our hotel owner drives us to the trailhead in Breil-Sur-Roya.
Photo: Today, we hike to the tiny village of Piene-Haute before continuing to the town of Sospel
Photo: Flowers line the trail ...
Photo: ... nice views abound.
Photo: Descending into a valley ...
Photo: ... we cross a stream ...
Photo: ... then climb out.
Photo: That was a steep 1,000 feet!
Photo: Climbing further, we reach Piene-Haut and picnic in the square.
Photo: A passing woman shakes her head, and points us across the square to ...
Photo: ... the Avenue of Tranquil Retreat.
Photo: How charming!
Photo: She's right ... it's a much better picnic spot.
Photo: Mountain views ...
Photo: ... fragrant roses ...
Photo: What's not to like?
Photo: Maybe the pirate's flag? 
(nice, the pig, though)
Photo: Leaving town we head through olive groves ...
Photo: ... right down to the Italian border.
Photo: Tony is in Italy; we're in France.
Photo: Thirty minutes down to the left is the Italian town of Olivetta; a gelato would sure hit the spot!
Photo: ... but we'd have to climb back up :(
Photo: So we turn right, toward Sospel ...
Photo: ... and into a spectacular gorge.