Alps to the Sea 3 - Sainte-Agnes
Jun 29, 2014Public
Photo: A taxi takes us to Col de Castillon, where we start today's walk.
Photo: We're heading right, to Sainte-Agnes via Mont Ours.
Photo: We climb through beech forest ...
Photo: ... to the top of Mont Ours. 
At 4058 ft, it's the highest point in our walk.
Photo: A jumble of cell phone towers and ruined fortifications, it's no place to linger, especially as we hear distant thunder.
Photo: The way down is steep, rocky, and poorly marked ...
Photo: ... but in the far distance -- the sea!
Photo: And (through my telephoto lens) a misty view of Sainte-Agnes
Photo: Meanwhile, dark clouds roll in and thunder rumbles louder.
Photo: We find a ruined WW II fort just as the heavy rain begins.
Photo: Then rain turns to hail!
Photo: When it's over we press on.
Photo: It's still stormy ...
Photo: ... but we can see Sainte-Agnes high in the distance.
Photo: Finally we reach a decent track ...
Photo: We can now make good time.
Photo: Looking back, there's Mont Ours.
Photo: Looking forward, our destination.
Photo: Civilization at last!
Photo: Another perfectly charming ...
Photo: ... French mountain village ...
Photo: ... with great views ...
Photo: ... and dozing cats.
Photo: Hot bath tonight!