Alps to the Sea 1 - La Brigue
Jun 21, 2014Public
Photo: May 19, 2014. We arrive by train in La Brigue.
Photo: It's in France, but only barely
Photo: La Brigue is in the French Maritime Alps, elevation about 2500 ft.
Photo: This is our hotel for the next two nights
Photo: First order of the day is lunch. This is France, after all.
Photo: The menu at the Fleur des Alpes looks good.
Photo: Marcia orders Salade de Chevres Chaud
Photo: Terry  and I have Truite en Papillote (well foil, actually) avec Tomates Provencales
Photo: Tony enjoys Tripes a la Nicoise
Photo: Completely sated, we explore the town
Photo: La Brigue (Briga) was part of Italy until 1947.
Photo: Some of the paintwork is more Italian than French.
Photo: And some signs are still in Italian.
Photo: "It is forbidden to make a tumult by chopping wood under this portico"
Photo: A river flows through town ...
Photo: ... full of big trout. (Is this where our lunches came from?)
Photo: The next day we hike to the chapel of Notre Dame des Fontaines.
Photo: La Brigue's main claim to fame,
Photo: ... the chapel is set in a forested valley above a mountain stream.
Photo: The interior is completely covered in frescos by the painter-priest Giovanni Canavesio (1450-1500).
Photo: Painted in 1492, the colors remain as bright as the day they were applied.
Photo: The chapel sides depict scenes from the life of Christ ...
Photo: ... while an enormous Last Judgment covers the back wall.
Photo: While the pious are admirably portrayed ...