Matterhorn Hornli Hut hike
Nov 13, 2010Public
Photo: Stuart and I rise early the next day to hike to the Hornli Hut, high on the side of the Matterhorn. Here's the view from our hotel window.
Photo: We take the cable-car up to Schwarzsee, avoiding a long steep climb up from Zermatt, seen far below.
Photo: We'll start our hike from the Schwarzsee station (8474 ft 2583 m), visible at the top of the ridge.
Photo: The hut at upper right is NOT the Hornli Hut.
Photo: But near that hut, is a most interesting sign.
Photo: Now the real climb begins.
Photo: At one spot, steel steps help one negotiate a sheer rock face.
Photo: The view back is dominated by Monte Rosa, Switzerland's highest peak, and the Gorner glacier.
Photo: There's the Hornli Hut.
Photo: Not too much further ...
Photo: Nearly there ...
Photo: Whew!
Photo: Almost there ...
Photo: We're there!
Photo: Elevation 10,695 ft. We've climbed 2,200 ft. (only 4,000 more to the top).
Photo: Entry is by means of ladders.
Photo: We skip the ladders; the large sunny deck makes a great place for lunch.
Photo: They say it's not that hard to climb ...
Photo: Oh well, it's probably time to start back ...
Photo: It's a long way down to Zermatt.