Andalucia walk - day 5
Oct 26, 2011Public
Photo: On our last day we walk to the white house, then between the big conical hill and the mountain,  then over the pass at left.
Photo: Fast forward: rounding the big conical hill and approaching the big bare mountain, called Amola.
Photo: Looking back at Cartajima.
Photo: Soon the path disappears.
Photo: ... but eventually we pick up another one.
Photo: We pass through a gate. 
("picking mushrooms is prohibited")
Photo: Looking back we get a good view of the big conical hill.
Photo: Looking forward, the Amola pass ...
Photo: ... and a carpet of flowers.
Photo: Almost there  ...
Photo: This pass is the highest point of our entire walk (3,700 ft., 1150 m.)
Photo: Interesting vegetation ...
Photo: In the distance, there's Ronda!
Photo: To get there, we descend into some meadows ...
Photo: ... where we'll pick up a dirt road ...
Photo: ... that will pretty much take us ...
Photo: ... right into town.
Photo: Looking back, I think that's the pass we crossed. The wide angle lens makes it look farther away than it is.
Photo: We enter through an old gate.
Photo: The views from Ronda are famous.
Photo: The town sits atop ...
Photo: a high plateau.
Photo: The deep gorge that severs the town ...
Photo: ... is spanned by a bridge.
(photo by Jean Lee)