Our Changeover 18/6/13
Jun 22, 2013Public
Photo: Mike: MC extraordinaire
Photo: Uncle Max's acknowledgement
Photo: CHS String Ensemble
Photo: Gladys toasts the Club
Photo: Principal Sue on Pru and Murray
Photo: Pru inducted as PHF by Graeme
Photo: PHFPru, DGE Graeme and Bob
Photo: Eleanor meets and greets
Photo: Keith - RoTrees to CHS Ensemble
Photo: Natalie Ahmat
Photo: Guest speaker Natalie
Photo: Brian thanks Natalie
Photo: Indigenous Literacy Foundation
Photo: Out with the old ...
Photo: In with the new ....
Photo: Changeover: Bob to Eric
Photo: President Eric reports
Photo: Scott, Eric, Natalie & Uncle Max
Photo: Scott, Natalie, Karen and Graeme