2011 Rite Care Tournament
Oct 16, 2011Public
Photo: Dr. Bill Brunk
Photo: Dr. Gregg Givens
Photo: Dr. Gregg Givens
Photo: Dewey Preslar
Photo: Dr. Joel Black
Photo: Members of the 1957 UNC National Championship Basketball Team --  Pete Brennen, Johnny Surles - (winner of the signed 1957 Championship Basketball) , Lennie Rosenbluth and Joe Quigg
Photo: Lennie Rosenbluth and Pete Brennen
Photo: Pete Brennen, Lewis Ledford and Lennie Rosenbluth
Photo: Standing Players - Billy Dill and Stan Dodd
Photo: Sponsors Banner
Photo: Players Sign In Tent
Photo: Bob Gresham, Johnny Davis, Bryant Webster and Ray Ashby
Photo: Banquet
Photo: Banquet
Photo: Banquet
Photo: Silent Auction
Photo: Mark and Jodi Kolada
Photo: John Elmore and Dr. Bill Brunk
Photo: Tommy Eller and John Elmore
Photo: Michael May
Photo: Dr. Bill Brunk, Pete Brennen, Lewis Ledford, Lennie Rosenbluth and Dr. Joe Quigg
Photo: Sign In Table
Photo: Sign In Table