June 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012Public
Photo: Mother with children in chair -  accompanied by two Speech Therapy graduate students. -
Photo: Speech Thearpy children with Miss Cow
Photo: Speech Therapy child, Miss Cow and Speech Therapy graduate student.
Photo: Speech Therapy child w/ Miss Cow
Photo: Speech Therapy graduate students,  Miss Cow w/ adult Speech Therapist patient and wife.
Photo: Miss Cow w/ Dr. Donna Wolfe, Staff Speech Therapst.
Photo: Graduate Student Speech Therapists
Photo: Graduate students and clinic staff
Photo: Graduate students w/ Miss Cow
Photo: Scottish Rite Masons w/ wives from Valley of Raleigh and Valley of New Bern
Photo: Michael May w/ Miss Cow
Photo: Glenn Todd and Dr. Weldon Brown w/ Miss Cow
Photo: Tom and Paula Fahnestock  and Phyllis May at refreshments table
Photo: Adult patient w/ wife and Graduate School Speech Therapists.
Photo: Computer Technology to aid Speech Thearpy