Dock Tripp May Golf
Oct 21, 2010Public
Photo: Washington Duke Golf Course which is located on the Duke University Campus
Photo: Mike at the Dock Tripp May hole which was the "Hole-In-One" for the Cadillac
Photo: "Hole-In-One" Cadillac on the Dock Tripp May hole
Photo: Dock Tripp May Team - L to Rt - Lindsey Boone; Bob Lawrence; Mike Johnson and Tom Franks
Photo: L to R - Tom Franks, Lindsey Boone, Mike May, Bob Lawrence and Mike Johnson
Photo: Bob. Mike, Frank and Lindsey
Photo: Bob, Frank, Lindsey and Mike
Photo: Preston Bergen, Will Bergen and Mike May
Photo: Preston, Will, Phyllis and Mike
Photo: Preston Bergen, Mike Johnson and Ann Johnson
Photo: Phyllis and Mike May
Photo: Chick-Fil-A Mascot and Mike
Photo: Mike and the Carolina Hurrican's Cheerleaders
Photo: Mike and Phyllis with the Chic-Fil-A mascot