Trinity Site
May 9, 2011Public
Photo: Driving toward Trinity from Socorro, NM (closest city to the site...not Alamagordo!)
Photo: Driving toward Stallian Gate
Photo: Standing inside Jumbo
Photo: Jumbo
Photo: Looking through Jumbo
Photo: Panoramic of Jumbo and parking lot approximately 1/4 mile west of Trinity Site
Photo: Still 1/4 mile from the site
Photo: Trinity Site gate
Photo: While you may know the history of this spectacular site, actually being there is far more impressive than I ever imagined it to be.
Photo: Radiation is still there, but is very low.  One hour at Ground Zero will result in one-half of a mrem exposure compared to the 2 mrem received on the cross country flight to get to New Mexico.
Photo: Remains of one leg and the obelisk marking the center
Photo: The remains of one of the legs of the platform tower.
Photo: Panoramic view of the Trinity Site looking Southwest from the fence with the photographic images to the obelisk to the gate and finally to the bunker.
Photo: Concrete remains of a footing for a leg of the tower.
Photo: The plaques on the obelisk made of lava rock located at the center of Ground Zero
Photo: National Historic Landmark - 1975
Photo: World's first nuclear explosion!
Photo: Rebar from one of the legs of the Platform.
Photo: A bit of rebar from yet another leg of the Platform.
Photo: Trintite I picked up from the site and returned to the ground after photographing it.