Larung Gar Buddhist Institute
Dec 25, 2013Public
Photo: The first sight of Larung Gar, as we arrived around 21:00 after a long and slow drive from Jiuzhi.
Photo: Hotel dormitory where I was to spend the first night, until I got a bed at one of the huts.
Photo: Inside a monk's hut. I spent the first night here, better experience than a 7 star hotel. I had to turn of a MP3 prayer machine, though.
Photo: Nuns queuing up for a medical exam.
Photo: Nuns queuing up for a medical exam.
Photo: Nuns queuing up for a medical exam.
Photo: New stupa at the Northern ridge.
Photo: Pilgrims prostrating in front of the new stupa at the ridge line.
Photo: View from the hotel to the East.
Photo: Just amazing… People live here at 4000m altitude year around in uninsulated huts when temperatures reach -30C in winter.
Photo: Thousands of huts at Larung Gar.
Photo: In 2001 the Chinese bulldozed a road around the institute to mark the building limits.
Photo: Huts, in all sizes and shapes.
Photo: Not all monks are civil engineers...
Photo: More than 1000 new huts are constructed each year in vacant spots at the edge of the institute or between existing dwellings.
Photo: Nuns carrying lumber to a construction site.
Photo: Neatly built huts at the lower residential area for monks with families.
Photo: Sturdy huts at the family section of Larung Gar.
Photo: At the old sky burial site the Chinese are building a hideous "Temple of Death" to attract (chinese) tourists.
Photo: Vultures getting at the cadavers at the sky burial site about 1 km north of Larung Gar.
Photo: Main gompa and square.
Photo: Debate exam at the main gompa.
Photo: Debate practice takes place at the main gompa every evening at 17:00.
Photo: Debate practice at the main gompa.