May 7, 2008Public
Photo: Short retaining wall in the front yard - I built it on my vacation in April
Photo: The wall will keep soil from sliding onto the sidewalk
Photo: The surface was uneven, and I flatten it with concrete. I used masonry tools, and the result is a straight and nice wall
Photo: On the backyard we have a cliff, and here is unfinished retain wall in March
Photo: I made 3 terraces on last autumn and planted rhododendrons, English ivy
Photo: I hope they will keep the soil from sliding down on the lawn
Photo: View after my April vacation
Photo: The last weekend I started to cover it with mosaics
Photo: On the last Sunday 1/5th or maybe 1/4th of the wall was covered with mosaics
Photo: Working in strange postures crawling, leaning down in attempt to fit another piece of ceramics - that is tough.
Photo: I use ocean pebbles, glass decorative balls and ceramics tiles.
Photo: This piece of the wall is with underwater life
Photo: Daniel helped me with this tropical fish
Photo: Annat also came to help with the pebbles wave
Photo: Actually she shot the pictures because I was so busy and excited about the mosaics project
Photo: Having a companion in project is fun
Photo: No doubt, the project is a pure enjoyment!
Photo: Neighbors began to visit us with their kids
Photo: We are done with this fragment of the wall - the left side
Photo: The right side of the wall - with sea-weeds
Photo: The whole thing is about 20 feet ~ 6 meters
Photo: The next step - filling the gaps with special grout resistant to temperature changes
Photo: The final step - covering with clear coat
Photo: But first we have to let the adhesive material to harden, otherwise the pieces will fall down