Messier and Herschel
Dec 13, 2006Public
Photo: Messier observed from the
Photo: Hotel de Cluny in Paris.
Photo: The Hotel de Cluny sundial.
Photo: William Herschel is buried in this church at Upton near London
Photo: John Herschel observed from Feldhausen near Cape Town
Photo: Grove Primary School in Clermont
Photo: Herschel Obelisk at the Grove PS
Photo: English inscription
Photo: The mighty 18.5" aperture, 20' long reflector stood here from 1834-38
Photo: Afrikaans inscription
Photo: Latin inscription?
Photo: Table mountain blocked Herschel's view to the W and NW.
Photo: South African Astronomical Observatory
Photo: SAAO, Cape Town, South Africa.
Photo: The SALT 11m telescope