2013 Kites
Feb 6, 2013Public
Photo: Friday Dec 20, 2013. New Silverbowl Park. My brother Frank is in town for a juggling convention (as both teacher and student). He took time to join me both at work yesterday and at the Friday Night Fly. The wind started off nicely, but died to basically zero. Still we had a great time. On the left is a fellow employee of mine Khanh. He has a Prism Mirage and a beautiful older Revolution 1.
Photo: Khanh then took a photo of Frank and me with 2 of the kites we flew that evening. An HQ Midi on the left and a L'Atelier Lithium UL on the right. In the back, several of the regulars stayed warm in front of the propane heaters. Later Frank and I went for Sushi after the wind died.
Photo: Happy Halloween from Mr. Potato Head in Las Vegas.
Photo: Oct 24, 2013. My boss brought in his replica Batmobile (built to the original blueprints). I just happened to have the custom Gary Dromgold Bat-Signal sport kite recently signed by Adam West. There was no wind and my airshots are blurry as I forgot to change the pocket camera to Shutter Speed Priority in the late afternoon shade (DOH!). Luckily, I did shoot a few pics in HDR mode. The picture of me in the car wearing the cowl will not be seen, although it did happen.
Photo: Keeping a low profile as I head out to fly a sport kite.
Photo: Friday Oct 18, 2013  New Silverbowl Park, NV. The park is slowly being surrounded by thousands of feet of 8 foot high iron fencing to control park entrance/egress.
Photo: The park officials really don't want you climbing over either.
Photo: Don't fence me in. Hopefully, there will be gates that remain unlocked.
Photo: Darren looks for something while holding his "Long Way Home". Gliders were in demand as wind was not around. Dano had come down from Reno too. Sorry Dano.
Photo: Friday Oct 11, 2013 New Silverbowl Park, NV. Wayne holes onto his new Tekken DOA SUL. Wayne had Lam leave off the swords as they were distracting. It hurt Lam a little to leave off the swords. Photo taken in HDR mode.
Photo: Photo taken without using HDR.
Photo: Tekken DOA standard with swords.
Photo: Same kite and guy. Photo taken in HDR mode.
Photo: I still don't like the eyes on this one, although I like the eyes on the Sea Devil.
Photo: Ian holds Mark's Next Up. Ian is wearing an authentic B-1 Test Team Flight jacket. Very cool with orange interior.
Photo: HDR mode of same kite.
Photo: Friday, Sep 27, 2013. New Silverbowl Park, NV. Ken holds onto Mark's latest acquisition. This is the R-Sky Next WW (Without Wind). The next photo was taken using HDR.
Photo: So the little Sony does this HDR trick. It takes 3 photos in 1/4 of a second and takes the best part of each photo and puts them together. This is supposed to be done on a tripod, but I did it hand held. Let me know which one you like better.
Photo: Then Ken held up Mark's Transformer Vented Light.
Photo: This is the non-HDR version of the kite.
Photo: On Sept 25, 2013 at the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas. The Aristocrat booth hired Adam West to sign autographs and see the new Batman game. He signed 300 photographs and made an exception to sign this Gary Dromgold one-of-a-kind sport kite. I had removed the frame and brought in the sail in my G2E bag. Mr. West made the exception for me as I had written some of the dialog he used to do the voice overs for our game.
Photo: Friday, Sept 20, 2013. New Silverbowl Park, NV. Wayne holds onto Mark's super-vented STX-2.3. The wind was blowing over 10 mph during this picture. Considering that it was 7pm and no flash was used, this picture came out incredibly well. I'm at full wide-angle to get the f1.8 portion of the lens. Wayne isn't really that wide.
Photo: I asked Mark to open up the extra vents on one side. So the viewer's left side is fully open, while the right side has 2 portions closed.
Photo: Another lucky shot. This time, all vents are open. No flash. This little Sony pocket camera is incredible.