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Jan 21, 2010Public
Photo: Pushing up the contrast and color levels to get this effect.
Photo: Redo of previous photo with a lightening added to the kite.
Photo: Krystal FX Collector's Edition by R-SKY. Owned and flown by Kent Kingston. Man, this photo looks sweet. Normally, I rotate the photo to make the ocean horizontal, however, this  was the upper edge of the photo.
Photo: Temperatures were in the high 40s, winds were strong initially at noon, say 18-20 mph. As the afternoon progressed, the wind dropped to about 5 mph. Easily, the best wind we've had in 3 years of doing this here.
Photo: I did a quick composite of 3 photos for this look. You can see the double pier supports in the middle part of the picture where the blends were done rather quickly. I did try to match the sky colors pretty well.
Photo: This is a composite of a cloud photo I had and one of the Superman kite photos taken in my backyard. The background has not been blurred.
Photo: This is a composite of a photo taken from the Stratosphere about 900 feet up, and a photo of the kite taken in my backyard. The background has had a gradient blur added to make the shot a bit more believable.
Photo: Oct 24, 2013. My boss brought in his replica Batmobile (built to the original blueprints). I just happened to have the custom Gary Dromgold Bat-Signal sport kite recently signed by Adam West. There was no wind and my airshots are blurry as I forgot to change the pocket camera to Shutter Speed Priority in the late afternoon shade (DOH!). Luckily, I did shoot a few pics in HDR mode. The picture of me in the car wearing the cowl will not be seen, although it did happen.
Photo: This one was rendered more accurately and reflects the dryness of the actual lakebed area. I like both photos for different reasons, although this is my favorite photo of the whole day. In all honesty, my main goal in coming to NABX this year was to meet Kieron and photograph his foils. I am happy to have made my goal.
Photo: Steve Hall With A Pyro At Sunset (Chico, CA)
Photo: Uly With His Beautiful 7 stack of Custom Rev 1.5s in very low wind. The pattern on each kite is merely rotated one position clockwise each kite.
Photo: Mamba At Sunset. Although this looks very calm, the winds were around 15 mph and first time flier Ross was leaning back hard. The bridle broke moments after this photo and Ross landed on his butt. The kite came out fine. Thanks Ken McNeill for making such a beautiful and excellent flying kite.
Photo: Masquerade by Wayne Knott of Dreamweaver Kites. Flown and owned at the time by Jim Byrne. The wave had just receded leaving the beach with this mirror like quality.
Photo: The Buena Vista "Sonic" designed by Peter Werba. This almost 9 foot kite has an extremely high aspect ratio. It will easily yoyo even though it came out long before the use of weights in the keel was used to enhance pitch tricks.
Photo: Prism E3 at Silverbowl Park, CA. Photo taken with our little Canon Elph near sunset.
Photo: Reprise On Ian's Leash, Silverbowl Park, CA. This is the only Reprise from Ken McNeill of Blue Moon Kites. Originally, it was going to be the replacement for the Ichiban.
Photo: The First Quad-Car by Donna Houchins. Huntington Beach, CA
Photo: 40 Crossed Lines (Mid Vent Rev in Kite Connection Colors)
Photo: T2 SUL by Peter Taylor of Airdynamics Kites In England
Photo: HQ NEO 11 sqm Relaunchable Foil (Available Light & Some Photoshop touchup) I was trying night shots with my relatively new Nikon D5000 to see what it could do in low light conditions. This was the best shot.
Photo: Ichiban (foreground) & Reprise with taper tail at New Silverbowl Park, NV.
Photo: From left to right: Rev II, Rev 1.5, Rev 1 (This is often called a progressive stack). Beautiful to fly or just watch. Of course, sunset and backlighting help. Silverbowl Park, NV.
Photo: Purple Fade Paradox by Spirit Of Air Kites (From the Brian Todd Collection)
Photo: TrickTail UL Flown With Black Tribute Tail. I had just learned a great kite flier Brian Todd had died.