Ron Despojado
Apr 7, 2015Public
Photo: San Francisco BASKL competition.
Photo: Sweets for the sweetie.
Photo: Competing at BASKL. Jan 2004. Always on the move.
Photo: Baylands Park, CA. BASKL competition.
Photo: Quadzilla. He always won the BASKL quad events.
Photo: Crissy Field BASKL competition.
Photo: Smiling inside.
Photo: Berkeley Kite Festival, CA. Ben Dantonio offers encouragement to Ron.
Photo: I believe Ron attended all 13 Kite Party events at Huntington Beach, CA.
Photo: Ron told me not to post this picture as he was a sponsored flier for Revolution and this is a clone kite.
Photo: So this was our compromise.
Photo: Ron had overthrown this Bazzer Masterpiece Rev and was terrified it was going to hit the sand. He told me later in confidence and asked me not to tell anyone how it almost hit the sand. Well, forget that Ron.
Photo: Posing a Rev for Ron was a matter of telling him exactly what I wanted, then he would do that.
Photo: I told Ron to gird his loins. This was his response.
Photo: Flying a big foil.
Photo: DId not let go.
Photo: And tried again.
Photo: Always helping.
Photo: The start of a sunshade retrieval.
Photo: Fully developed stable laminar flow. He is his own lab experiment.