Jun 16, 2011Public
Video: The Fazer XXL by HQ. My thanks to Kent Kingston of "A Wind Of Change Kites" for the loan of this big kite. At 53 seconds, you can hear me yell out "Oh Baby!" as the kite hit a gust of wind. The pull was very strong. CLICK ON THE GEAR (LOWER RIGHT) TO CHOOSE 1080p HD VIEWING.
Video: Chiroptera SLK glider by Will Sturdy. You can watch in HD if you choose to by clicking on the  gear icon under the movie on the right next to the full screen icon. Shot with a Canon S100 pocket camera in movie mode. I was walking around and zooming in and out so the movie is pretty bumpy.
Video: An instructional video for the Falcon Delta. This kite is a wedding present for my nephew Steven (really my first cousin, twice removed) and his fiance Kelly. (Video shot with our little Canon 990 IS pocket camera in movie mode.)
Video: "The Dance" July 5, 2004, Baylands Park, CA. My attempt at showing tethered 3 line sport kite hovering for shooting kite photos.
Video: "Marvin the Martian vs. The Killer Bee" This was my Open Individual Freestyle for Berkeley Aug 2004. The kite has been set up to self-fly using 2 lines at roughly 90° and a tube tail. This was the first and only time the routine was ever performed. No practice, no dress rehearsal. Took first out of 2. People thought I was drunk due to my odd walking. They didn't know my helmet had come loose and I could barely see through the mask.
Video: "The Incomparable Vince Maranta" If I could fly quads like anyone in the world, it would be Vince. Truly an amazing flier. Aug 2006. Near 2:30 into the movie note the high speed reverse circles in both directions. This isn't a Rev 1.5 folks.
Video: "Katana Vented Prototype" flown by 4 pilots in high, bumpy winds at Shoreline Park, CA in Aug 2004. Kite made by the late Marty Sasaki.
Video: "Total Eclipse & Illusion In High Winds" taken at Shoreline Park, CA July 2004.
Video: "109°F In The Shade" STX 2.3 and 100' Tube Tail flown and recorded by me. July 2005.
Video: "Lucky Moxie" designed and built by Peter Betancourt. Flown at Shoreline Park, CA Feb 2005.