Kite Party 10 March 2012
Mar 13, 2012Public
Photo: Thursday afternoon. Strong winds brought out vented kites. Here is a Shook mesh Rev Masterpiece series.
Photo: Polo Kites authorized Revolution in maxi-vent configuration.
Photo: Vented Katana with wind screens. Made by the late Marty Sasaki.
Photo: An 11 stack of Trilby's flown by Mike McDonald. He only put up 3 tails because he hates rolling them up when he is done.
Photo: Mike was able to loop the blue tail over one of the stack lines creating a "tail anomaly".
Photo: Dave Cathey tells Mike how he is doing. Mike is always doing just fine by the way.
Photo: Final stack photo. Is that a cargo ship on the horizon?
Photo: Had to add this stack photo.
Photo: Line crossing of Revs 2012.
Photo: It has become a tradition to take some crossed line Rev photos. Although I took less this year and with fewer kites. My goal is to hopelessly tangle up several thousand dollars worth of line. Sadly, these fliers are too good.
Photo: And on to other kites.
Photo: Donna had her vented Mantis.
Photo: This Rev has the "magic sticks" added.
Photo: XTRA vented Revolution. Please forgive the sunspots, I was going for strong backlighting.
Photo: Mid-vent Revolution.
Photo: Full-vent Rev in good fliers favorite position, upside down. Revolution should just offer the kite with all the logos upside down so they would appear rightside up when in this position.
Photo: If you don't wear a hat, you have to sit in the sand as punishment.
Photo: A close-up showing the "magic sticks". They're sort of like having training wheels on your bicycle.
Photo: Of all the Masterpiece Series Revs, the Shook mesh is my favorite. Must be the engineer in me loving the strong geometrics.
Photo: Friday morning. This is Allen Carter's beautiful Betancourt Bad Boy, probably in UL or SUL framing.
Photo: The hybrid.200 by Thomas K Horvath. An elegant low/no wind glider.
Photo: Dave holds up this eye-searing ZeroStar by Paul Shirey of AeroStar kites.
Photo: Paul no longer makes kites. His build quality was always impeccable.
Photo: Donna flies her 2-stack of self-made SULs.