Antelope Island Stampede Festival 2011
Sep 6, 2011Public
Photo: Welcome to the 2011 AISF. First off, the Committee did an amazing job of not only organizing, but working before, during and after to make sure all invited guests were treated incredibly well. It is the best I have ever been treated as a kiter.
Photo: There is a 7 mile causeway which connects the mainland to Antelope Island.
Photo: That thin brown ribbon is the 2 lane road connecting Antelope Island. The water in the Great Salt Lake ranges from 2 to 8 times the salinity of the oceans.
Photo: "A Wind Of Change" was the official kite store of the event. Kent Kingston brought along ace salesman Darren to help with the sales and real time teaching of new kiters.
Photo: The photos are in roughly chronological order. These opening shots were taken Friday evening. Here Steve de Rooy wows the crowd with some light wind Rev flying.
Photo: John Barresi performed many times during the 2.5 day event. You can see the kite booth just to the right of the beer stand.
Photo: And there is John's Rev now. Many people brought their own chairs. This area for the public had been mowed and then covered in tree chips.
Photo: Spence "Watty" Watson was the youngest of the fliers at 18. He is an amazing Revolution flier.
Photo: David "monkey" Hathaway with the latest in hat apparel.
Photo: TK Barresi and Penny Lingenfelter with 2 indoor Revs on short lines. The kids on the BMX ramps would later be told to stay off.
Photo: And there were hot air balloons with lift offs and landings each day. Each night there would be an evening burn.
Photo: Penny lifts her indoor Rev so I can get a backlit shot in the late afternoon light. Winds were less than 5 mph almost the entire weekend.
Photo: Normally, the balloons would take off on the west side of the island and land on the east.
Photo: This balloon was the designated tether. People were all over it and the owner was very courteous.
Photo: Takeoff. The stage on the right is where all the live music acts would perform. The kite field is behind the balloons slightly toward the right. It was huge and recently rough cut mowed.
Photo: The resident TV media documentarian.
Photo: The committee had this excellent tent set up for the VIPs (kiters were VIPs). There was cold water, soda and beer. There were also chips, salsa, candy, crackers, cookies, granola bars, fresh fruit, and peanuts were on every table in a silver bucket. Nicely done and much appreciated as the vendors were selling drinks for $2 each. Bambi and I stuck to the waters mainly with a few sodas.
Photo: Sunset on Friday. You can see one of the balloons has landed over on the right.
Photo: Temperatures during the day were around 85°F. Nights were cool and people put on light jackets when the sun went down.
Photo: On Friday night the "Kahuna Beach Party" provided Beach Boy music. They were very good.
Photo: Saturday morning. There are several of these painted bison around the island. Each one is painted differently.
Photo: If I was the producer for this TV spot, the Scott Hampton banners would have been our main background.
Photo: Scott Hampton. Finally, I get to meet the man who has made so many beautiful kites and banners. And he was very helpful teaching Bambi the correct way to get his paints to properly stay on these fabrics.
Photo: I wanted one of those birds.