Kites, Designers & Builders
Jan 22, 2010Public
Photo: Ron Bohart (right) holds up his beautiful foil.
Photo: Why yes, that is a large foil.
Photo: Meanwhile, Ron Gibian sneaks onto the field with another beauty of his own creation.
Photo: Here is Kevin Bayless with his beauty now.
Photo: The side says "Be A Clown".
Photo: So I had one picture focused on the Centipede and one picture focused on Ron Gibian. The photo on the right is a composite so they will both be in focus. You can see some edge effects as I didn't spend too much time on the clean up. So cut me some slack here people.
Photo: Steve de Rooy with his self-made Tiger Rok. Man, these iQuad guys are everywhere.
Photo: Scott Hampton with his self-designed and made Birds.
Photo: I asked Scott to take off his hat so we could see him a bit better. He is a year round school teacher.
Photo: (l-r) Kites, Tad WAKEman, Kevin BayLESS. I capatilized the parts of their last names that they used to make Wakeless Kites. Pay no attention to the extra arm and legs in the photo.
Photo: 2002 AKA Grand Champion "Mexican Star" by Jose Sainz
Photo: Bambi bought this beautiful Smithsonian Award Winning SLK. Designer/builder Ed Shenk teaches her how to put it together.
Photo: Ken McNeill and Bambi with the hand-delivered last classic paneled Blue Moon Mojo.
Photo: Ken McNeill of Blue Moon Kites with the Ichiban (2002 AKA Nationals, Ocean City, Maryland
Photo: Anyone know her name? She told me this kite took 6 months to make if I recall correctly.
Photo: 2005 Manufacturer's Shoot (Kite Party 3) (The name Mike Kirk should say Mike Dennis)
Photo: Andy Wardley of Benson Sport Kites With His Gemini (Andy is a Bridle Guru)
Photo: Ron Graziano Stalling His "Domino Machine" (The earlier Machines had this simplified panel layout. I like it)
Photo: Tim Benson of Benson Kites tricking a Gemini.
Photo: Mark Reed tricks a Berkeley Edition E2.
Photo: Christoph Fokken launches this big HQ foil
Photo: Joe Hadzicki of Revolution Kites at NABX (Lake Ivanpah, CA)
Photo: Joe Hadzicki at Lake Ivanpah with a huge Power Blast.
Photo: 2009 Manufacturer's Shoot (Kite Party 7)