2002-2001 Kites
Feb 2, 2010Public
Photo: Mojo standard
Photo: Paul Shirey of AeroStar Sportkites held a contest to design a new logo for his kite building. This was my entry and it won. He gave me the idea accidentally in a phone call when he told me that he constantly got mail for Arrow Star. The idea just popped in my head.
Photo: All these early photos were taken with my Nikon 900s 1 MP camera.
Photo: My first kite. A Team Hawaiian by Top of the Line, designed by Don Tabor.
Photo: Kitelife.com   Jan/Feb 2000 issue.
Photo: This was my idea for a custom Mamba. Although Ken McNeill refused to do it, he later made a few very, very similar ones to this. The only difference was less stars.
Photo: My daughter Shea with our Berkeley Special Edition Illusion 2000.
Photo: It almost worked though.
Photo: Here I am with a Voodoo. My right leg is in a walking cast.
Photo: This was my idea for a Custom Mamba by Ken McNeill. Later, several good friends chipped in and had this made for me. It is beautiful.
Photo: Our family at Shoreline Park.
Photo: Berkeley Kite Festival and a beautiful home made SLK.
Photo: Here is our son Britt with one of our first kites.
Photo: Some other ideas for patriotic Blue Moon kites.
Photo: This was actually the kite Bambi wanted for our first kite.
Photo: Ken McNeill asked people to submit a design for a new logo. I submitted this as I felt a Blue Moon should be full.
Photo: Ray Bethell, Berkeley Kite Festival
Photo: Bambi asked me to make her a kite unlike any others. This was my attempt. It kept popping overcenter and deflating. I needed a much stronger spine.