Custom Revolution Kites
Jan 17, 2010Public
Photo: Ben Dantonio (l) and Rich Comras with their custom Rev 1.5 kites.
Photo: (Text: Kent Kingston) Ben D. flying the Jorgen Moeller Hansen Revolution, designed for the Decorators Rev Team and built by Martin Lester. I believe there are only two of these ever built.
Photo: New York Minute Masterpiece Revolution.
Photo: (text: Kent Kingston) This is a special masterpiece kite designed by Ben D. from Rev. It is called "New York Minute". These were limited production, not sure how many were made.
Photo: Randy Tom 2of2 Masterpiece Revolution.
Photo: Ron Bohart Masterpiece Revolution
Photo: Carol Pittman stalls her Ron Bohart Masterpiece Revolution 1.5.
Photo: And an assist from a long tail.
Photo: Rich poses the Shook mesh for me a 3rd time. Hopefully, I'll get the focus change from manual to auto worked out in the future.
Photo: Friday, June 3, 2011 and Doug Charleville from Virginia was in town.
Photo: My idea for a demo kite so people would know who makes the kite.
Photo: I wanted to get a shot of the real sun shining through the kite red sun, but didn't get any good ones. Oh well.
Photo: My first Revolution poster. And yes, that dual line kite (bottom right) is a Revolution.
Photo: My 2nd Revolution poster. And yes, once again, the kite in the lower right hand corner is a Rev.
Photo: My 3rd Revolution Poster. This one specifically targets the crossed line possibilities when flying large groups of them. The upper left  photo shows point intersection of 68 lines (17 Revs). The middle right photo shows point intersection of 72 lines (18 Revs).
Photo: (text: Kent Kingston) Revolution kite given away during the raffle. This kite was made by Dean Jordan in cooperation with Revolution. It is a 1.5 model and looks very sweet.
Photo: One of only 3 Randy Tom Nagel-inspired Double Heads made in 2010. Note the airbrush on hair, lips and background center blue panel. Very nice.
Photo: Randy Tom Vampire Rose Masterpiece Rev. The airbrush work kept getting de-emphasized in the photos. So, I spent about 2 hours in Photoshop putting back in the airbrush details and adding a better background. Actually, the kite does look pretty much like this in the proper light.
Photo: "Dark Lady" Masterpiece Revolution by Randy Tom. All finishing work by Barry "Bazzer" Poulter.
Photo: "Twisted" Masterpiece Revolution by Barry Poulter (Bazzer)
Photo: (text by Amy Doran) Scarlette in Blue is a one of a kind custom Rev. The two other Scarlette kites have their own  unique items.. Scarlette in Blue wears a ribbon on her hat.
Photo: Unique double eagle head RWB Revolution by Randy Tom. Finishing by Barry Poulter.
Photo: My concept to help hide the vertical rods on a Revolution.
Photo: Kevin Bayless with his self-made patchwork Rev