2016 Kites
Jan 18, 2016Public
Photo: July 22, 2016. New Silverbowl Park, NV. Mike holds onto this beautiful NSR SUL. All original.
Photo: The sun was going down quickly so we didn't get any air shots. Here is another NSR SUL of Mike's.
Photo: And then we tried a non-backlit shot just for variety.
Photo: Wayne had this monochrome Akuji SUL with roll bars.
Photo: Here is a different version of the previous photo.
Photo: Light was fading fast.
Photo: So we turned on the strobe to shoot Mike's final NSR of the night in black rainbow.
Photo: Here is Wayne's Bill (Hugo UL nomenclature). Did I brighten the sail too much?
Photo: Dave Shattuck passed today. July 18, 2016. One of the good guys for sure.
Photo: Dave Shattuck. Gone to heaven.
Photo: July 8, 2016. DreamWeaver Prototype. Framed and bridled by Steve Tapp. Sail made by Wayne Knott.
Photo: I am a sucker for prototypes.
Photo: Disciple Type 2 Prototype. A gift from Dave Sabilino. Made by Wayne Knott of DreamWeaver Kites.
Photo: A team kite, but quite touchy.
Photo: Note the intricate trick line setup.
Photo: Ronin by DreamWeaver Kites. A gift from Steve Tapp.
Photo: As the sun sets slowly in the west...
Photo: This is the best flying of the DreamWeaver Kites I have.
Photo: Backlit Ronin.