Auction, October 2009
May 22, 2012Public
Photo: A07 Cayne E Reserve $175 Mixed Media Framed 16'x23'
Photo: A09 Scime Reserve $150 Oil on Panel 12'x12'
Photo: A14 Poggi Leigh Reserve $800 Mixed Media on Panel 18'x30'
Photo: A17 Taylor Reserve $600 Oil on Panel 25'x21'
Photo: A18 Berry Reserve $600 Mixed Media on Panel 9'x9'
Photo: A23 Goldfarb Reserve $300 C Print 13'x15'
Photo: B44 Schuetz Reserve $250 Mixed Media 6'x12'
Photo: B49 Nicholl Reserve $200 Ink and Watercolor onPaper 11'x15'
Photo: B56 Clary Reserve $250 Oil on Panel 18'x24'
Photo: B58 Fendleym Reserve $40 Inkand Colored Pencilon Paper 13"x10"
Photo: B61 Hackett Reserve $500 Oil on Linen 16x16
Photo: B66 McClintock Reserve $140 Archival Digital Print 20x20
Photo: B67 Ratchye Reserve $200 Pencil on Paper 12x9
Photo: B70 Bernstein Reserve $250 Chromogenic Print 25x25
Photo: B73 Martine Baxter Reserve $50 Oil on Canvas 8x6
Photo: B75 Pakola Reserve $150 Water color and Gouache on Paper 22x30
Photo: B77 Marsh Reserve $210 Chromogenic Print 15x23
Photo: C100 Alexander Reserve $200 Screen Print on Linen 16x16
Photo: C102 Tantum Reserve $100 Xerox 65x19
Photo: C103 Marboe Reserve $300 Oil Paint Stoneware and wood 10x8x3
Photo: C104 Tan Reserve $300 Photocopies on Archiva lFoamcore 3x8x8
Photo: C106 Fiveash Reserve $60 Silverpoint on Paper 11x11
Photo: C107 Carner Reserve $60 Graphite and Watercolor on Paper 12x16