Art I - Painting!
May 18, 2009Public
Photo: Designing flags and letters...
Photo: Starting the stripes
Photo: Mama's boy!  (Nurse Maria glad to see Devin again)
Photo: Devin "supervising" artwork but refusing to paint
Photo: He finally thought of something Sarcasmo-esque to paint
Photo: Jazz Hands!
Photo: Pin-pricking a pattern for the United States' stars
Photo: Making markers... (you really have to get creative when you have no ruler!!)
Photo: Painting the actual stars
Photo: Creating the Dharma Chakra on the flag of India
Photo: Details on the Canadian and Indian flags
Photo: Detail on the flag of China
Photo: Cheating!
Photo: Gluing down the space station graphic (no way was I going to try to paint that!)
Photo: My highest hopes for all the nations working together for the success of the ISS
Photo: "Harmony"
Photo: Devin's quip
Photo: Todd's tile... those circles are actually foam planets that stick out a few inches!
Photo: Fishbowl!
Photo: Michelle painting another fishbowl window
Photo: Davonne Miss M. working on her paper mache butterfly
Photo: DaVonne painting
Photo: Miss Davonne's beautiful butterfly!
Photo: Finished family frames!