NASA Marshall Space Center
Jan 24, 2010Public
Photo: Redstone Arsenal Military Base
Photo: Heather & Heather in front of the Apollo 16 Capsule (yes, the real one)
Photo: Apollo 16 Capsule "Caspar"-- with one of its three original parachutes
Photo: Apollo 16 Capsule, call sign "Caspar"
Photo: The Mobile Quarantine Facility used by Armstrong, Collins & Aldrin.  Four of these vessels were used for astronauts returning from Apollo 11, 12, 13 and 14.
Photo: Sleeping quarters and kitchen of the Mobile Quarantine Facility
Photo: Interior living space of the Mobile Quarantine Facility
Photo: Hand molds of Apollo moonwalkers (top) Neil Armstrong, (left) Michael Collins and (right) Buzz Aldrin.  These were used to custom-make their space-suit gloves.
Photo: Von Braun's old stoping ground at NASA Marshall inside Redstone Arsenal.  His office?  Top floor, of course.
Photo: Heather & Craig humoring my photography addiction
Photo: Cruising Marshall's development laboratories
Photo: Cruising Marshall's development laboratories
Photo: Propulsion Research and Technology Development Laboratory
Photo: o wow, welcome to Geekville.  It's a magical place and I expected the doors to make star-trekky noises ;)
Photo: Marshall Space Flight Center - Huntsville, AL
Photo: International Space Station Payload Operations Center at MSFC
Photo: Skylab Mission Control, with all equipment from early 1970s still aligned as if operational!
Photo: Observation and Press room adjacent to ISS Payload Ops
Photo: Craig in the press room
Photo: NASA Marshall Rocket Test Stands - East Entrance
Photo: Transient Pressure Article Test Stand, built after the Challenger disaster (where the re-designed O-rings were tested).  Plans are in place to use it again for Ares upper stage testing.
Photo: The Historic Propulsion & Structural Test Facility (Registered National Landmark) where Saturn Rockets and Space Shuttle engines were tested...
Photo: Historic Saturn 1-B.  All 8 of its H1 engines were equal to the thrust of ONE F1 engine on its follower, the Saturn V.

SI-Bs were used for orbital missions with Apollo spacecraft; also launched Skylab, and later the Apollo spacecraft into the linkup with Russian Soyuz in 1975.
Photo: Test Stand 116 - first used to support Apollo, then Shuttles... now used for Ares J2X gas generator tests series.