Vandenberg AFB
Feb 8, 2013Public
Photo: Piper Cherokee Airplane
Photo: Plane at Oakland North Field
Photo: Yeah, that's my ride ;)
Photo: Susan Bell, pilot, checking the fuel!
Photo: Pre-flight check of the Piper
Photo: Dedication, LOL!
Photo: Travel calculations
Photo: Susan, flyin' the hell outta that plane
Photo: And the useless co-pilot Map Lady, LOL
Photo: Navigator! (Yeah, not really... there's a computer for that)
Photo: Beautiful California valley, headed south toward Paso Robles
Photo: My beautiful home state from the air...
Photo: Big lake! Really need to look at this stuff again on the map ;)
Photo: Smoooooooooooooth landing in Santa Maria
Photo: What the sign says
Photo: James W. checking out the Rocketeer memorabilia... some of the movie was filmed here at Santa Maria Airport, CA
Photo: The original canvas of the Wright Brothers' airplane, stretched across a re-creation scaffolding