Dec 9, 2012Public
Photo: Checking in at the Mother Ship!
Wait, the worm logo? How old is this carving?!
Photo: I know they mean a different kind of shuttle, 
but this sign is still pretty funny...
Photo: SpaceTweep Peeps! 
For real, a marshmallow Mission Control in the NASA HQ Library, LOL!
Photo: With my buddy Mark in the auditorium before the cameras went live! 
Photo: Great to see Emory (Flight SW lead for NASA's LCROSS program) again, last time was the STS-135 Shuttle launch!
Photo: All the media mavens convene! — with Ching-Yao Yu and Angela Gibson in Washington, DC.
Photo: Trent! Overseeing the trouble-makers ;)
Photo: The man of the hour, astronaut Joe Acaba, who just returned home in September 2012 from a 4-month stay on the International Space Station :)
Photo: I'd give you Joe's entire resume, but it would break the Internetz. Suffice to say, he is an accomplished mission specialist, geologist, and teacher... as well as a Shuttle, Soyuz, and ISS veteran!

Here he is giving his talk while we were live on NASA TV! :)
Photo: Joe & Emory... probably talking about the MOON ;)
Photo: @AstroAcaba!  What a smile :)
Photo: Joe & Danielle... tweet, tweet! ;)
Photo: Angela & Joe - NASA HQ Auditorium
Photo: Joe Acaba, answering questions for the eager crowd... 
love his mug (left)
Photo: Spanish Q&A portion of the program,
as hosted by NASA Kennedy and @NASA_es
Photo: Angela onscreen, asking Joe a question!
Photo: Keeping the crowd entertained...
Photo: Apollo 11 Capsule, call sign "Columbia"
... haven't seen this sturdy ole girl since I was 7 years old! :)
Photo: Awesome aerial view of Apollo 11 Command Service Module
Photo: Lunar Module mockup in the Smithsonian
Photo: By the hatch of the Mercury spacecraft, Friendship 7, in which John Glenn orbited the Earth... at National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian.
Photo: John Glenn's space suit!  
Orbital Man looked so good in silver ;)
Photo: Caught myself in the reflection of the heat shield of Gemini 4, the craft used when Ed White became the first American to perform a spacewalk.
Photo: 1 / 20th scale model of the Hubble Space Telescope!  
Yeah, the real thing is 20 times bigger, wow...