NASA Langley
Aug 7, 2013Public
Photo: NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC)
Photo: Lunch at the Surf Rider with the Spacetweeps! Angela & Tay :)
Photo: Jason & Sasha at the Virginia Air and Space Center (VASC), which functions as NASA Langley's Visitor Center
Photo: NASA Social SpaceTweeps introductions!
Photo: With Michael & Lauren at the Apollo 12 capsule
Photo: Next day - Morning orientation at the Deputy Directory, Steve Jurcyzk
Photo: Richard Boitnott, 7-year veteran of the Structural Dynamics Branch
Photo: My favorite picture of the day!  The camera-man grinning as he catches our excitement for stories about Neil Armstrong's lunar landing training at Langley!
Photo: Your usual NASA bookcase, LOL
Photo: Tried to take a selfie with the Gantry, but that thing is just too darned huge!! Built in 1965 and riginally named the Lunar Landing Research Facility (LLRF), built in 1965 -- and where all 24 Apollo astronauts simulated lunar landings.
Photo: Angela & Michael under the Gantry. This 240 feet high, 400 feet long and 265 feet wide A-Frame is now called the Landing & Impact Research Facility (LandIR), and is a US National Historic Landmark!
Photo: Flashback to the VASC -- here is *THE* lunar landing simulator used by Neil Armstrong at the Gantry! So cool. Oh, and a moon rock.
Photo: Bobby Bissett at the NTF
Photo: Happy NTF Engineers
Photo: Off to the military base!
Photo: Setting up at the piers to watch the space craft test! Some people take their photography more seriously than others ;)
Photo: Orion capsule Stationery Recovery Test ... we haven't done these sorts of water capsule recoveries since Apollo days -- but this craft is nearly twice the size of Apollo crafts.
Photo: Off the coast of the Norfolk Naval Air Station, seeing the Orion tests
Photo: Me, Angela & Lauren with the Orion and USS Arlington, a San Antonio-class amphibious transport dock of the US Navy
Photo: Orion! Thank you, Lockheed-Martin!!
Photo: USS Arlington amphibious transport dock
Photo: Ridiculously photogenic Navy guys. Everywhere.
Photo: Transport dock from the inside...
Photo: Here I am up on the USS Arlington Flight Deck. I realized I really enjoyed saying "flight deck" :)